What is for lunch? (satire)

First Published: 2006-03-04

This month "free lunch" medicine is on the table, on offer by The Blue Ribbon Commission.

In case you have failed to recognize the offer as an extension of government power, then it is time to sit to the table and "talk turkey". You may not like what's on the menu.

Start with the appetizer. The appetite is whetted with reminders of the elderly and the poor forced to choose between food and medical treatment.

Only the heartless would skip this course.

The entr?e is a plate full of government goodies guaranteed to fill you up. How could you possibly refuse offers like "equal access", "affordable", "equitable" and "sustainable" all delectable delights of the government run dining room run at minimal cost.

Fill up and move on to dessert.

Now comes the sweetest of all. Everything you need is readily available and practically "free", with the exception of one small deduction from your weekly pay cheque.

Before signing the bill for this "lunch", pause and recall the consequences of signing blank cheques for people whose chief talent is the emotional manipulation of people like you for political purposes; the outcome is always indigestible.

"Free Lunch Medicine" is another high cost government run bureaucracy. For the consumer there will be shortages, waiting lists and rationing. For the physician, he is paid by the state as a government employee.

For everyone it will be most expensive lunch you will ever eat.

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