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There is growing interest among U.S. politicians for a form of national sales tax known as the value-added tax (VAT). But rather than use the VAT to replace the income tax, the politicians want a new source of revenue to expand the burden of government.
Daniel J. Mitchell


The Nassau Institute is an independent, a-political, non-profit institute that promotes economic growth in a free market economy with limited government, in a society that embraces the rule of law and the right to private property.


To see The Bahamas become the first small, developed, sovereign country in the region, recognized as a model for the world.

Weekly Focus
• Prosperity and the Impact of Government
How does the government impact prosperity?
The budget of the Bahamas Government has been the subject for discussion over the past couple of weeks, and decisions made on spending and taxation over the next twelve months. Fiscal prudence has been mentioned, nevertheless it appears that government expenditure is slated to grow, not decrease. The National debt now stands at approximately 2.3 billion dollars. [read more]
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• The Magical Delusion
Nicholas Snow
First published at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and is posted here with their kind permission. Read more articles by Nicholas Snow here… Sign up for Fee's daily e-mail In Brief here… The call for government action continues to grow. [read more]
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