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The people cannot look to legislation generally for success. Industry, thrift, character, are not conferred by act or resolve. Government cannot relieve from toil. It can provide no substitute for the rewards of service. Self-government means self-support.
Calvin Coolidge


The Nassau Institute is an independent, a-political, non-profit institute that promotes economic growth in a free market economy with limited government, in a society that embraces the rule of law and the right to private property.


To see The Bahamas become the first small, developed, sovereign country in the region, recognized as a model for the world.

Weekly Focus
• Witness to the End of Soviet Power: Twenty-Five Years Ago
Richard Ebeling Ph.,D.
Executive Summary: This year marks a quarter of a century since the disappearance of the Soviet Union from the political map of the world. In August 1991, the hardliners in the Soviet Communist Party attempted a political and military coup to prevent the reforms that were weakening the ideological basis and the economic controls of the Soviet regime.  I was in Moscow during the 72 hours of the coup-attempt, witnessing the heroism of those among the Russian population who chose to stand up to the Soviet state and the implosion of the corrupt and bankrupt communist system that had rained death and despair and destruction on the people of the U.S.S.R. [read more]
Hot Topics
• Lecture: The Moral Basis of Capitalism
Prof. Andrew Bernstein
Join us Tuesday, August 30, 2016 for a lecture by Professor Andrew Bernstein on The Moral Basis of Capitalism in lecture hall at the Harry C. Moore Library at College of The Bahamas starting at 6:30pm. This talk opens by doing what is rarely done in political discourse: It provides rigorous definitions of such key concepts as “capitalism,” socialism,” “mixed economy,” and others. [read more]
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