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There is, in fact, only one solution: the state, the government, the laws must not in any way concern themselves with schooling or education. Public funds must not be used for such purposes. The rearing and instruction of youth must be left entirely to parents and to private associations and institutions.
Ludwig Von Mises


The Nassau Institute is an independent, a-political, non-profit institute that promotes economic growth in a free market economy with limited government, in a society that embraces the rule of law and the right to private property.


To see The Bahamas become the first small, developed, sovereign country in the region, recognized as a model for the world.

Weekly Focus
• Video: Entrepreneurship As A Theory of Social Change. T.K. Coleman

The Nassau Institute & The University of The Bahamas hosted a lecture on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 by T. K. Coleman on ”Entrepreneurship As A Theory of Social Change" in lecture hall at the Harry C. Moore Library conference hall. Mr. [read more]
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• E-Mail Your MP About The FOIA With This Easy APP
Organization for Responsible Governance
Send an email to your Minister of Parliament, telling them that you need them to fight for the passage of a strong and fair Freedom of Information Act. Please personalize the below letter to easily explain what recommendations need to be included in the 2015 proposed draft of the bill. Just indicate your constituency, name, street and e-mail and your MP will receive the letter to take action on our behalf. Click this link to go to the web site... [read more]
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