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Until we can re-establish a condition under which the earnings of the people can be kept by the people, we are bound to suffer a very distinct curtailment of our liberty.
Calvin Coolidge


The Nassau Institute is an independent, a-political, non-profit institute that promotes economic growth in a free market economy with limited government, in a society that embraces the rule of law and the right to private property.


To see The Bahamas become the first small, developed, sovereign country in the region, recognized as a model for the world.

Weekly Focus
• Conflicting Meanings of Freedom
Richard Ebeling Ph.,D.
What does freedom mean? What is the purpose of government? And what should be the government’s relationship to each of us as individuals and as members of society as a whole? These issues recently came up during a dinner conversation with a new acquaintance with whom I’d not previously had such a discussion. The views that I expressed in the calm and friendly and enjoyable exchange are those usually labeled as classical liberal or libertarian. [read more]
Hot Topics
• Some Hidden Truths About Banks
John Tomlinson
Depositors face an onslaught from both banks and governments. As depositors, we put our money into a current or cheque account at our bank for safekeeping. Yet, we find our deposits are placed at risk and subject to loss rather than stored safely for us. [read more]
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