Is Sexual Liberalism the Solution to Aids?

First Published: 2001-07-13

Mr. Andrew Allen in his July 9th column “Perspectives” made the point that “Sexual Liberalism Stops Aids”. As an example he cited Denmark where, he reports, the Government sends children condoms on their 14th birthday. According to Mr. Allen, Denmark has “one of the lowest marriage rates in the world, with many people having abandoned the notion of the ‘traditional’ family’” and prostitution, homosexuality, transvestitism and other “unusual sexual dispositions” are decriminalized and/or accepted. And…Denmark has one of the lowest HIV infection rates in the world. This is contrasted with a traditional cultural like the Bahamas. According to Mr. Allen, parents in the Bahamas don’t talk about sex with their offspring…“probably accounting for the overly ‘reproductive’ view of human sexuality”…and the Government emphasizes the use of medicines to curb the epidemic. He concludes that it would be far “cheaper and more efficient” for the country to adopt the Danish solution…become sexually liberal. Mr. Allen stresses the practicality of his solution. Well…let’s look at the practical.

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