Our Apologies

First Published: 2004-06-19

In recent weeks, we have been receiving returned e-mails that would suggest The Nassau Insitute is sending e-mails with attachments that include a virus.

Please note that we only send e-mails with a link to our web site and if you receive an e-mail with an attachment that appears to be from us, it is not our newsletter, and we would not suggest you open it.

Our e-mails are only sent to subscribers to our service and we apologise for any inconvenience that these eroneous e-mails might be causing.

The matter is now being investigated by our web site hosting service to determine if we can find the source of the e-mails. If we do find the offending party, we will report them to the relative authorities in The Bahamas, and should the mail be coming from another juridiction we will contact the authorities there as well.

Thank you for your understanding and for subscribing to our newsletter service.

Yours in Liberty,

The Nassau Institute.

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