Response to Mr. Allen

First Published: 2004-12-29

The Nassau Institute (formerly the Institute for Economic Freedom) since inception has been committed to identifying the principles of a free and prosperous society and sharing our research and ideas with the Bahamian public.

We appreciate well-reasoned responses that make a constructive contribution to the public dialogue, ones based on sound principles and truth and without “malice aforethought”.

In an article on property rights and freedom published in The Tribune we referred to the Economic Freedom of the World Study to support our argument for the protection of property rights that are integral to the overall ranking of economic freedom in the Bahamas. The independent Study measures the degree to which the policies and institutions of countries are supportive of economic freedom.

The findings of the Annual Report showing that the Bahamas is losing ground when compared to 125 other countries has upset Andrew Allen prompting him to try discrediting both the Report and The Nassau Institute. A civil response would have dealt directly with the various points raised regarding private property rights, the central issue of the article. Instead he uses his column to express his misinformed notions of both The Institute and The Economic Freedom Report avoiding the issue of property and freedom.

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The Economic Freedom Report has had the continuing support of its initiator Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman. Nobel Laureate Gary S. Becker describes it as “an invaluable source for studies of the determinants of economic growth, and for understanding the relation between economic, political and civil freedom”. The Nassau Institute is privileged to be a co-publisher in this valuable work.

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