Podcast of Taking Small Nations to Greatness Conference

First Published: 2006-12-30

In June of this year (2006), The Nassau Institute and The Atlas Economic Research Foundation co-hosted a conference here in Nassau titled Taking Small Nations to Greatness.

Mr. Stephen Johnson, Senior Policy Analyst for Latin America at The Heritage Foundation, made an extremely interesting presentation titled Challenges to freedom and prosperity in the Caribbean. And Professor Anibal Romero of the Simon Bolivar University Venezuela presented an engaging talk on The Current Political Situation in Venezuela: Main Tendencies and Prospects.

The Moderator for the session was Mr. Manuel Cutillas, formerly of Cuba, who resides in The Bahamas.

This is our first attempt at uploading an audio file so our fingers are crossed that it will work properly.

If it does work we will try to upload a couple more.

Please let us have your feedback.

Click here for a link to the podcast at WeblogBahamas.com.

Click here for Mr. Johnson's presentation, and click here for Professor Romero's speech.

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