Changing the Direction of a Country to Re-energize its Talents Symposium June 21, 2007

First Published: 2007-06-07

If you sincerely believe in free enterprise and sound public policy, supporting the Bahamas only free market think tank is a no brainer. Join us on June 21, 2007 to learn more about what other Institutes like us have done for their countries.

The Nassau Institute & The Atlas Economic Research Foundation are pleased to invite you to a Symposium on Changing the Direction of a Country to Re-energize its Talents.

It will take place in The Orion & Zeus Rooms, Atlantis, Paradise Island on Thursday, June 21, 2007, from 9:30am to 2:30pm.

Registration is only $50 including lunch.

RSVP: 324-4089 or 326-5728

The programme includes three dynamic speakers as follows:



Michael Walker, PhD, LLD, Fellow of The Fraser Institute

Michael Walker

Dr. Walker was The Fraser Institute's first executive director after founding it in 1974. He is an economist, a university lecturer and a journalist. He lectures on a range of subjects, but one particular speciality is healthcare. As a consultant, he has provided advice to private groups and governments in the U.S., Argentina, Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Sweden, Venezuela and Canada.



James Shikwati, Founder and Director of Inter-Region Economic Network (IREN), Nairobi, Kenya

James Shikwati

IREN is a non-profit independent public policy research and educational organization which promotes free trade as the solution to poverty in Africa.

Mr. Shikwati is a libertarian economist and commentator on public policy with a special interest in trade and development, the environment and agriculture. His articles on a variety of subjects have been published in the Kenyan and international media. He has worked with local Kenyan opinion leaders to promote ideas that increase productivity and free trade as a way of alleviating poverty.

12:30pm Luncheon


Michael Fairbanks, Chairman of the Board, Head of Country Competitiveness and Co-Director of S.E.VEN (Social Equity Ventures)

Michael Fairbanks

Mr. Fairbanks is founder of the OTF Group (On the Frontier), a strategy consulting firm based in Boston, which focuses on developing countries. In 1991, the team at the OTF Group pioneered competitiveness as part of the Monitor Group. Today, the OTF Group continues to be the thought leader on competitiveness in developing economies and emerging markets, and is a software development company leveraging technology to support its Country Competitiveness and Strategy Coaching practices.

The OTF Group advises developing companies, regions, and nations to be more innovative, increase productivity and create competitive advantage. The OTF Group accomplishes this through its unique coaching and consulting services, and its proprietary methodologies and software technology.


The Atlas Economic Research Foundation

Founded in 1981 by the late Sir Antony Fisher, Atlas is a US-based non-profit organization which develops and supports intellectual entrepreneurs worldwide with a shared vision of achieving a society of free and responsible individuals based on property rights, limited government under the rule of law and the market order.

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The Nassau Institute

Known originally as the Institute For Economic Freedom, the Nassau Institute was founded in 1995 as an independent, non-political and non-profit organisation that seeks to broaden the parameters of public policy debate. The Institute seeks to advance economic growth and political liberty in a society governed by the rule of law.

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