Video: Lessons From Global Experience For Bahamian Health Care Reform

First Published: 2007-06-28

If you are concerned about the effects of government-run healthcare services, you should have been at the Nassau Institute’s Symposium on June21st.

Michael Walker PhD. Probably the world’s foremost authority on the subject laid out for Bahamians what they can look forward to if The Blue Ribbon Commission’s plan for health care is followed.

It is not good news.

We were particularly impressed by his expression of wonderment that the Bahamian government could even consider adopting a plan, the defects of which are now thirty-five years later, well documented.

Dr. Walker is well-known in libertarian circles for the expression, "if it matters, measure it". That is exactly what he and his colleagues at the Fraser Institute have done in their research on "How Good is Canadian Healthcare".

The Power Point presentation of Dr. Walker’s work can be read by clicking here.

Watch the video of the presentation below.

(The first 5 parts of the video explain the pitfalls of socialized medicine and the general condition of the Bahamian economy.  The last 3 parts (parts 6-8) more specifically described how socilaized medicine would be a big problem for The Bahamian public.)

Part One


Part Two


Part Three


Part Four


Part Five


Part Six


Part Seven


Part Eight


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