The Bahamas and the European Partnership Agreement (EPA)

First Published: 2008-07-05

The Bahamas has been ‘negotiating’ with the European Union, albeit as part of CARIFORUM (CRNM), with regard to signing offers for trade in both goods and services.

On Tuesday, June 24, Raymond Winder, local accountant and Co-Chair of the Bahamas Trade Commission and Brian Moree, local attorney, shared their views at a forum, hosted by The Nassau Institute at the British Colonial Hilton hotel, to a sold out audience.

When economic growth and development are the goals, few issues are more important than international trade. Free trade with other nations is the natural extension of the principles behind supporting free competitive markets for the local economy instead of a planned economy.

When countries are small the issue becomes crucial. The more open to trade the economy of a small country is, the higher its standard of living. The more open to trade, the less dependent on government policies and the less volatile its growth.

The Nassau Institute, with its main goal of promoting of the principles of freedom in all fields of human action, could not let the opportunity pass to promote an open discussion of the pros and cons of and EPA between The Bahamas and The European Union.

Mr. Winder presented the background of the negotiations and Mr. Moree presented an alternative position.

Peter Young, one of the Directors off the Nassau Institute, was the moderator for the evening.

The following podcast of the evening is made available compliments of The Nassau Institute so you can weigh the discussion for yourself and inform your Member of Parliament accordingly.

We hope you will agree that we have attained our goal.

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