Is The Nassau Institute dead wrong about Climate Change?

First Published: 2009-12-19

A letter writer going by the pseudonym of Galileo resorts to calling The Nassau Institute names in a recent missive to The Tribune.

Our Bahamian Galileo seems like the scientists at East Anglia, in the UK, who, even though they "know they’re right", "They’re going to hide dissenting opinion and differing results".

As Russell Roberts said recently:

"When you have the facts, no need to yell and insult your opponent. Just show them the facts. It’s about protesting too much."

With regard to the imperative that Mr. Hubert Ingraham, Prime Minister to The Bahamas attend the Copenhagen summit, we pay taxes for CARICOM to represent us at these meetings, so why does The Bahamas need to send a delegation? The country simply can’t afford it.

If that’s not enough, maybe our Bahamian Galileo can confirm if the decision to install a Bunker C – one of the most polluting of all fossil fuels- power plant in Abaco, is not an embarrassing hypocrisy for the Prime Minister in Copenhagen?

Bjørn Lomborg of brings some logic to this discussion when he says:

"The solution is not to make fossil fuels more expensive; the solution is to make alternative energy cheaper."

But some proponents see the solution as making fossil fuels obsolete before there are effective alternatives.

It’s curious that our Bahamian Galileo so easily dismisses other controversies like those Clive Crook highlights in the Financial Times:

"As one Climategate e-mailer noted, we do not understand why global warming has paused lately: the models cannot account for it. But this is not for public consumption. It is best never mentioned, think governments and their scientific advisers. Just keep saying “flat-earthers” or, as the White House spokesman said the other day, “the notion that there is some kind of debate … is kind of silly.” (Read the entire piece by Crook here…)

Would the real Galileo, after all he went through, be proud of what his fellow scientists did at East Anglia?

Mr. Crook also points out that many of the opponents of this drastic action are demonised as "either stupid or evil; “flat-earthers” or “deniers” (akin, that is, to Holocaust deniers". Surely this does not make people want to buy into their solutions?

The Nassau Institute does not deny climate change as our Bahamian Galileo would have people believe. The Nassau Institute does question the source and what to do about it. Not to mention the recent cooling trend that seems to be ignored by some IPCC scientists who might see it as an inconvenient truth.

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