“Adam Smith vs. Keynes: Who’s On Top?”, Feb. 19th at Atlantis Resort

First Published: 2011-02-12

On Saturday, February 19th, Mark Skousen, will be leading a special session on the topic "Adam Smith vs. Keynes:  Who’s On Top?".

The presentation will be at 3:30 pm in the Imperial Room B of the Atlantis Hotel. It is open to all members and followers of The Nassau Institute and their guests.

There is no charge for the presentation.

The presentation is the culmination of the World Economic Summit which is held at The Atlantis Resort every winter and in Las Vegas every summer.

If you would like to attend the full World Economic Summit Conference, the registration is $495 per person. Contact Tami Holland (tami@freedomfest.com) who will be able to extend you a courtesy discount as a follower of The Nassau Institute. If you are only able to attend one of the days, she would also get you a discounted day pass.

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