Video: Professor Fabio Rojas on Open Borders

First Published: 2019-11-28

THE NASSAU INSTITUTE & TEMPLETON RELIGION TRUST In Collaboration with the Banking Economics & Finance Department & The Economics Society of The University of The Bahamas presented Professor Fabio Rojas on Migration: “Open Borders: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels”

When: Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Where: University of The Bahamas
Admission: Free of charge

Talk summary: “Open Borders: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels” – Is it acceptable to prevent someone from moving or travelling to a new country? This talk will review anti-immigration arguments from the most basic to the most sophisticated and show that these arguments rarely hold up to scrutiny. Thus, migration should be liberalized.

Brief bio: Fabio Rojas is professor of sociology at Indiana University and editor of Contexts, the official magazine of the American Sociological Association. In addition to his sociological research, Rojas is an advocate for open borders. He co-founded the Open Borders Conference and has appeared on Vox, Aeon Ideas, and other websites to promote free migration.

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  1. Open borders is nothing more that the Globalism movement driven to extremes by active socialists advocates.. Such movements are openly opposed to Nationalism and independent Sovereignty.. We are taught that social diversity is a desirable goal, but the historical lessons of experience demonstrates that is not the case.. In Africa, the concept of territorial sovereignty or tribal boundaries has for centuries defined what territorial land belonged to a specific tribe of people.. The same concept is found among the numerous indigenous people of the Americas.. Territorial sovereignty defined the physical areas of tribal power and control.. Conflicts and tribal wars were fought over maintaining tribal territorial integrity.. Today in Europe, the European Union is falling apart as member nation’s are being swept by feelings of Nationalism and a desire to strengthen their country’s national sovereignty.. The powerful forces of individual national recognition is beginning to overcome the feelings of a common Europe.. The English are English first and foremost, and not French, German, Italian or even Europeans.. The socialist movements are now accusing nationalists as being a throw back to the Fascism of the 1930’s.. Nothing could be further from the truth as Nationalism is nothing more than an expression of Patriotism and pride in ones nation and heritage.. In our Bahamas, the spirit of Nationalism endures as Bahamians have extreme feelings of national pride and love of their country.. Such pride makes Bahamians feel as One Bahamas and one people despite social and political differences.. We are Bahamians first before anything else..

    Today the global movement continues to use its forceful propaganda machine to promote their “one world” goal of collective Socialism and open boarders to tear down national boundaries and destroy the importance of individual sovereignty.. Nevertheless, if history is any meaningful measure of future change, the spirit and feeling of Nationalism will continue to grow in the individual hearts and minds of mankind..

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