The Global Financial Summit: Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas, February 1 – 5, 2012

First Published: 2011-11-08

Market Solutions for the World’s Problems

Dear investors and concerned citizens,

In the midst of all the bad news out about the economy, the stock market, and the dollar, here’s some unexpected good news:  Last week President Obama overruled his EPA chief Lisa Jackson and scrapped her controversial plan to tightened smog rules on US plants.

This decision came after a major Wall Street Journal editorial claimed that the EPA action would curtail industrial production by 8% or more in the US. The EPA is an out-of-control agency and ought to be abolished.

What made the President change his mind?

Steve Moore, the leading member of the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board.   He wrote the unsigned editorial on the EPA.

Behind the scenes, Steve Moore is rapidly becoming the most influential economic writer in the country.  He knows all the players in Washington, the candidates running for President, and the insiders on Wall Street.  His op-eds in the Journal, debates with Obama supporters like Robert Reich on Kudlow Report, and appearances on Fox News is making a huge difference.

You won’t hear or see Steve Moore speaking at the annual Davos conference in Switzlerland.  He won’t be invited to this all-establishment pro-government party.

But I’m pleased to announce that Steve Moore will be our keynote speaker at our Global Summit, scheduled forFeb. 1-5, 2012, at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.  Make your plans early to this emergency meeting and alternative to the establishment Davos’s World Economic Forum.

All Speeches and Workshops at the Global Summit Are Private & Off the Record

Steve will be speaking on “Crisis in Washington:  What’s Really Going on Inside the Beltway.” You won’t want to miss his controversial, off-the-record remarks.  (No recording of speeches are allowed at our private Global Summit.  You must be in attendance to hear what Steve has to say.)

We also just confirmed Peter Schiff, president, Euro Pacific Capital.  He predicted the 2008 financial crisis at FreedomFest, and he will give you the lowdown on the economy and the markets, and President Obama, “The Job Killer in Chief,” and what will happen in 2012 and how to protect yourself and profit from Washington’s bad government policies.

Who wants to go to Switzerland in the dead of winter when you can come to sunny, balmy Paradise Island in the Bahamas and hear the “best and the brightest” at the five-star Atlantis Hotel?

What’s in it for you?  Plenty of opportunity to mingle and get sound investment advice with the “best and the brightest” financial and economic gurus who really know what’s going on.

We’re just in the early stages of inviting top speakers from around the world to give you the straight scoop and the best investment advice during this never-ending crisis.

Other speakers confirmed:

– NEW!  Vito Tanzi, former IMF official, on his new book “Government vs. Markets:  The Changing Role of the State.”  It’s a brilliant book (I’m reading it now) by one of the most astute economists today.  He served for the IMF for 20 years, and knows the ins and outs of governments around the world.   In his previous book “Public Spending in the 20thCentury,” he demonstrated that the world’s economies could grow much faster if they pared back the size of government to under 25% of GDP.  His topic at the Global Summit: “How the Government Could Cut Spending by 30% and Stimulate Real Economic Growth.”

Richard Rahn, top economist for the Cato Institute and contributor to the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times.  His topic:  “Lessons from the Nine Countries that Have Avoided the Financial Crisis.” He will focus on Canada, Chile and Sweden, among others, and how to profit from nations that have adopted sound supply-side policies.

Joel Stern, professor of finance at six universities and founder of Stern Stewart & Co., inventor of the Economic Value Added (EVA).  Dr. Stern teaches finance at all the top business schools — Columbia, Wharton, Carnegie-Mellon, Chicago, and University of Cape Town.  His topic:  “Dangers Ahead in China and New Opportunity in Emerging Markets.” Those who have heard Dr. Stern speak at FreedomFest know you are in for a treat — in knowledge and sound advice about what’s going on in the hot spots around the globe.

As the host of the Global Summit, I will be speaking on “How to Profit from the Fed’s Reckless Easy Money Policies.” Right now the money supply (M2) is increasing at an unprecedented 34% annual rate — the highest rate I’ve seen in my lifetime.  This move toward runaway inflation will create danger and opportunity.

Register Now

I look forward to seeing you all at the Global Summit in beautiful Bahamas Feb. 1-5.  Bring your family — the Atlantis is a 5-star resort with lots of fun things to do for the entire family.  We offer special rates starting at only $199 per night.

The fee for the conference is $495 per person, $795 per couple, and that includes all the general sessions, breakout sessions, entrance to the exhibit hall, cocktail receptions, and our spectacular poolside dinner and reception Saturday night.

To register call Tami Holland at 866-266-5101

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