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First Published: 2012-01-09

NOT GOING TO DAVOS? A Special Invitation to All Free-Market CEOs, Business Leaders and Investors

Dear free-market capitalists and entrepreneurs,

Have you been invited to the annual Davos meeting in Switzerland?

I didn’t think so.  Davos is strictly limited to big-government welfare statists like Al Gore, George Soros, and Paul Krugman.

"Go to to find out more or call give Tami Holland, conference coordinator, a call at toll-free 1-866-266-5101."

They meet annual in freezing cold Switzerland to give their failed policies of deficit spending, bailouts, and interventionism another chance. Don’t expect any real answers to the world’s problems at Davos.  In fact, they are making things worse.

I’m not the only one saying this about Davos.  Read this report that just came out:

Top Indian industrialist Rajiv Bajaj mocked the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday, saying the annual power bash in the Swiss Alps was the source of half the world’s problems.

Rajiv Bajaj, the managing director of leading motorbike manufacturer Bajaj Auto, said, "I think half the problems start from the World Economic Forum," the no-nonsense executive told reporters at a product launch in New Delhi when asked about the glitzy January 25-29 meeting.

We live in scary times.  The threats to our wealth and standard of living are very real, and the very foundation of our economic and political freedoms are at stake as the debt bomb and deficit crisis hits full force in the next few years as entitlements explode.

Sir Harry Schulz once said, "Never underestimate the size of a panic, nor the power of the politician."

What to do?  I have good news.  We’re organizing the first annual Global Financial Summit for all free-market CEOs, business leaders, economists and investors to gather and provide real solutions to the problems of inflation, crisis, unemployment, and depression.

Our theme is “Market Solutions to the World’s Problems.”

And instead of meeting in freezing Switzerland, we’re gathering at the five-star Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in breezy Bahamas.

Davos is scheduled for the last week in January. The Global Financial Summit will be directly after Davos: February 1-4 in the Bahamas, so we can set the record straight.

We’re arranged special hotel rates, only $199 per night (plus tax), an ideal backdrop for the summit, with 5-star restaurants, entertainment, casinos, water sports, etc.

Be a part of history, where several hundred of the “best and the brightest” libertarian and conservative business leaders, economists, and political thinkers will join together to respond to the bad policies recommended at Davos and provide the right answers for a stable and growing economy. 

Top Free-Market Experts to Meet on Paradise Island

We’ve already lined up some great experts with general sessions, panels and breakout workshops, all off the record so the experts can speak their mind.

Steve Moore, the leading member of the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board.   He is the most sought after economist on Fox News and CNN today.

He knows all the players in Washington, the candidates running for President, and the insiders on Wall Street.  His op-eds in the Journal, debates with Obama supporters like Robert Reich on Kudlow Report, and appearances on Fox News is making a huge difference.

You won’t hear or see Steve Moore speaking at the annual Davos conference in Switzlerland.  He won’t be invited to this all-establishment pro-government party.

But he will be our keynote speaker in Nassau. 

All Speeches and Workshops at the Global Financial Summit

Are Private & Off the Record

Steve will be speaking on “Crisis in Washington:  What’s Really Going on Inside the Beltway.” You won’t want to miss his controversial, off-the-record remarks.  (No recording of speeches are allowed at our private Global Summit.  You must be in attendance to hear what Steve has to say.)

Who wants to go to Switzerland in the dead of winter when you can come to sunny, balmy Paradise Island in the Bahamas and hear the “best and the brightest” at the five-star Atlantis Hotel?

What’s in it for you?  Plenty of opportunity to mingle and get sound economic and financial advice with the “best and the brightest” financial and economic gurus who really know what’s going on.

Other speakers confirmed: 

Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital and author of "Crash Proof,” and the man who predicted the 2008 financial meltdown. His topic: "The Buck Stops Here: How to Survive and Prosper from the New Financial Nightmare Scenario."

— Richard Rahn will speak on: “The Tipping Point:  Why a Collapse is Inevitable.” Plus:  “Lessons from the Nine Countries that Have Avoided the Financial Crisis.”  He will focus on Canada, Chile and Sweden, among others, and how to profit from nations that have adopted sound supply-side policies.

— Vito Tanzi, former IMF official, on his new book “Government vs. Markets: The Changing Role of the State.” He served for the IMF for 20 years, and knows the ins and outs of governments around the world.   In his previous book “Public Spending in the 20th Century,” he demonstrated that the world’s economies could grow much faster if they pared back the size of government to under 25% of GDP. His topic at the Global Summit: “How the Government Could Cut Spending by 30% and Stimulate Real Economic Growth.”

— Joel Stern, professor of finance at six universities and founder of Stern Stewart & Co., inventor of the Economic Value Added (EVA). Dr. Stern teaches finance at all the top business schools — Columbia, Wharton, Carnegie-Mellon, Chicago, and University of Cape Town. His topic: “Dangers Ahead in China, But New Opportunity in Emerging Markets.” Those who have heard Dr. Stern speak at FreedomFest know you are in for a treat — in knowledge and sound advice about what’s going on in the hot spots around the globe.

–Mark Skousen, financial economist and editor of the award-winning “Forecasts & Strategies.”  As the host of the Global Summit, I will be speaking on “The Dangerous Impact of the Fed’s Reckless Easy Money Policies.”  The move toward runaway inflation will create danger and opportunity.

Marty Cummins responds to Occupy Wall Street:  “Prosperity for All: How Enlightened Capitalism INCREASES fairness and equality."

— Lenore Hawkins, principal at Meritas Advisors (San Diego) and regular Fox Business commentator, on “Investor Alert:  Beware of Widespread Market Perversions and Faulty Ideology.”

Jeff Berwick, editor of the Dollar Vigilante, on “Escape from America:  Surviving and Prospering During and After the Dollar Collapse.”

Plus Yaron Brook from the Ayn Rand Institute, Lenore Hawkins from Fox Business, Julian Morris from Reason and the UK, Frank Seuss from Switzerland,  Ron Holland from BFI Consulting, Roberto Salinas from Mexico, Steve Mariotti from Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, and many more. 

Special Panels at the Global Summit

You will hear our top experts discuss real solutions in these thought-provoking panels:

“Alternative to Davos:  Market Solutions to World Problems”: Richard Rahn, Vito Tanzi, Julian Morris, Mike Tanner (moderator, Mark Skousen)

“Creating a New Brand of Capitalism”: Yaron Brook, Marty Cummins, Steve Mariotti (moderator, Richard Rahn)

“Fiat Currencies: The End of the Dollar and the Euro?”:   Peter Schiff, Frank Suess, Ty Andros, Julian Morris (moderator, Ron Holland)

“Politics 2012: Who Will be the Next President, and Will It Matter?”:  Steve Moore, Lenore Hawkins, Peter Schiff (moderator, Jo Ann Skousen)

“New Hot Spots in the World Economy”: Joel Stern, Jon Utley, David Alvany, Roberto Salinas (moderator, Mark Skousen)

“Can Extraordinary Money Managers Beat the Market?”: Martin Truax, Greg Galloway, Peter Zipper (moderator, Lou Petrossi)

“The Next Energy Crisis:  Can It be Averted?”: Bud Belcher, Mark Plummer (moderator, Mark Skousen)

“Investing Outside the Box:  Alternatives to the Stock Market”:  Ralph Williams, Lou Petrossi, Barry Potekin, Tony Wile (moderator, Ron Holland)

“Outlook for US Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and Real Estate”: Jeff Berwick, Lenore Hawkins, Martin Truax, Scott Brown (moderator, Mark Skousen)

Register Now and Receive a FREE copy of

Mark Skousen’s New Book, “Maxims of Wall Street” 

I urge you to contact us immediately about participating in this historic event.  It’s only a few weeks away. I look forward to seeing you all at the Global Summit in beautiful Bahamas Feb. 1-4.  Bring your family — the Atlantis is a 5-star resort with lots of fun things to do for the entire family. Swim with the dauphins, see the most advanced aquarium in the world.  It’s breathtaking. We have arranged a special rate of only $199 per night (plus tax).

The fee for the conference is only $495 per person, $795 per couple, and that includes all the general sessions, breakout sessions, entrance to the exhibit hall, cocktail receptions, and the spectacular gala closing dinner and reception Saturday night.

Note: Every attendee will get the opportunity to ask questions, mingle with the speakers, and have the chance to meet one-on-one with the experts as the opportunity arises.

How to join us?  Go to or call give Tami Holland, conference coordinator, a call at toll-free 1-866-266-5101.  Flights are still cheap to Nassau, and the hotel rate can’t be beat.

SPECIAL OFFER:  All attendees will receive a free autographed copy of my new book, “The Maxims of Wall Street,” as our gift to you for signing up.  (This offer also applies to anyone who has already registered prior to this offer.)  For more information about this book, go to

It’s better in the Bahamas.  Come join us, and let’s give Davos a run for their money.

Yours for genuine peace, prosperity and liberty, AEIOU,


Mark Skousen

Producer, Global Financial Summit
February 1-4, 2012
Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island
Nassau, the Bahamas


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