An Exciting New Program for Aspiring Leaders in the Freedom Movement!

First Published: 2012-04-28

The Atlas Leadership Academy — a new initiative that delivers training and opportunities for advancement to members of the free-market think tank community.

With the Atlas Leadership Academy’s flexible curriculum of online and on-site programs, you can learn on your own schedule, and take advantage of training events throughout the world.

You will get the skills you need to succeed in the freedom movement.

Also, each completed course earns you credits toward certification as an Atlas Leadership Academy alumnus.  Alumni receive mentorship opportunities, international recognition, and personal access to high-level experts within the international Atlas network.

Programs within the Atlas Leadership Academy include:

Network Member Application
Atlas Challenge
Think Tank 101 Online
Freedom Schools
Atlas Flagship Events
Regional Training Programs
Think Tank Leadership Training
Think Tank MBA

We know that your scarcest resource is your time, so the Atlas Leadership Academy lets you advance your skills on your schedule.   Atlas caters to a worldwide network of free market leaders, and now, with the Atlas Leadership Academy, anyone can access our exciting products and training online.

Learn more, and enroll in the Atlas Leadership Academy today!

In Liberty,

Brad Lips

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