Video – Anders Mikkelsen: How the west grew rich

First Published: 2012-08-26

Ever wondered why are we so rich? – Diedre McCloskey explains in her book "Bourgeois Dignity" about our increasingly wealthy middle class world and how there has been a vast increase in wealth since 1800. But why only since 1800?

On Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 6:30pm in the Milton Freidman Conference Room at the Nassau Institute offices on East Bay Street Mr. Mikkelsen spoke on those issues and more.

In this video lecture he explains:
1. Why the west got rich.
2. Why McCloskey thinks the standard explanations are insufficient.
3. Why innovation is so important for past and future progress.
4. Why the subtitle is "Why Economics Can’t Explain the Modern World," and why it is important.

Mr. Mikkelsen is a cost-management consultant who lives New York City, and has spent many months in Nassau visiting his Bahamian in laws. He’s long been a student of history and Austrian Economics.





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