Video: Lawrence W. Reed on Liberty & Character

First Published: 2012-12-02

Mr. Lawrence W. Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) was in Nassau at the invitation of The Nassau Institute.

He spoke at a special event at the offices of the Institute in the Milton Friedman Room, for sponsors, supporters and other special guests. The topic was Liberty and Character.

His presentation focused on three wonderful people, Thomas Clarkson who was instrumental in helping end slavery in Great Britain, Fanny Crosby a great hymn writer and finally Sir Nicholas Winton, the Brit, (some say Britain’s own Schindler), who helped save hundreds of children from the Nazi’s, making the point that liberty and character are not mutually exclusive.

Mr. Reed has also recently released a book with co-author, Professor Burton Folsom entitled A Republic – If We Can Keep It.

Read his recent columns in the Times-Herald of Newman, Georgia here…

Hope you can take the time to watch all the videos. Mr. Reed is himself one of the brightest lights for liberty and the Nassau Institute is grateful for his insight and help.

Video Content: Introduction of Mr. Reed, changes at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and the opening of the Liberty & Character Lecture – Character defined and the first segment of the Thomas Clarkson lecture – Final Segment of the Thomas Clarkson lecture – Fanny Crosby Lecture – Sir Nicholas Winton lecture and vote of thanks.

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