City Market and the union

First Published: 2003-04-19

City Markets should be applauded for defending the use of the secret ballot when their workers are considering joining a union. In fact, the process must be no less stringent than those in the Parliamentary Elections Act.

The unsavoury truth is that the Minister of Immigration and Labour and the Director of Labour are both Union activists, which reeks of prejudice against employers when open voting is encouraged.

Intimidation of voters has a long and sordid past in the Bahamas, and the rights of employers and employees should be protected by trying to ensure a fair and unbiased voting process. As history has shown, it is difficult for many Bahamians to vote their conscience when a Minister of government is standing over them.

The action taken by City Market serves the entire business community and will continue to do so in the years ahead as it will help to reduce the duplicitous activities of all parties involved.

Thank you City Market.

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