WORKSHOP: The Global Challenge and the Need for Reform

First Published: 2004-03-03

We are pleased to present the details of a very special event that the Nassau Institute and The Atlas Economic Research Foundation have arranged for Saturday April 3rd, 2004.

The luncheon speaker, Maurice McTigue is well known for his ability to

"bring an audience to its feet" but he is also known as a distinguished scholar and former Cabinet Minister in the New Zealand government responsible for the extremely successful effort to restructure New Zealand's public sector and to revitalize its stagnant economy.

This conference will explore alternatives and solutions for economic integration of The Bahamas with the rest of the hemisphere by bringing together a former governor of the El Salvador Central Bank, the U.S. Chief of Mission and the CEO of the Panama Stock Exchange.

We are particularly privileged to have two of the economists responsible for the Economic Freedom of the World project. Dr. James Gwartney who has done extensive work on labour economics, and Dr. Michael Walker from the Fraser Institute who, along with Dr. John Goodman can tell us what happens when countries nationalise health care.

The session "Can the Bahamas compete when Castro is gone" has one panellist who was born in Cuba and is now a Director for The Institute of World Politics. The other is a Director of The Pan American Development Foundation with and extensive background in economic development in the region.

You are no doubt familiar with our local invited speakers, so we anticipate a healthy exchange in the question/answer periods after each session.

Due to the limited number of seats, early registration is recommended.

To Register call (242) 324 2035 or (242) 326 5728 and fax a completed registration form to (242) 322-1361.

You can also register on-line by clicking on the 'Contact Us" box and send your response.

Please click on this link to view and print the invitation, agenda and registration form for this exciting workshop.

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