Presentation: The Learning Crisis in The Bahamas – April 15, 2009

First Published: 2009-04-14

Nassau-based economist Ralph Massey will give an important perspective on the Bahamian  education crisis  at a public meeting in the Nassau Yacht Club on East Bay Street this evening. 

Mr Massey’s presentation will be based on his recent publication, The Learning Crisis: A Bahamian Public Policy Essay. The Meeting is sponsored by the Nassau Institute and admission is free and open to all. The presentation begins at 6.30 p.m.


As he notes in the introduction to his essay, "If one measures what children learn and can do at graduation time, then education in the Bahamas has been stalled in a long-standing and dangerous malaise. There is a national “learning impairment” that has significant economic and social consequences."


Tonight’s presentation will do three things:

1. define the crisis in exact terms and briefly describe the consequences;

2. identify the elements that can cure the malaise; and

3. present six proposals that can be initiated immediately. The presentation will not deal with the past; and it will stress the long and difficult nature of education reform.


Mr Massey began his research in 2004 as a consultant to the Coalition for Education Reform – an alliance of hotel union leaders and hotel employers.


He has a graduate degree in economics from the University of Chicago, where he was a Harry A. Millis Research Fellow in Industrial Relations and a Research Associate in the Department of Economics. During his 36-year business career he worked for the Ford Motor, Kimberly-Clark, Johns Manville and Chemical Bank (now apart of JPMorgan Chase) where he was seconded to the Bank of New Providence based in Nassau.


Down;laod your copy of the book (PDF) by clicking here….


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