Sir Orville Turnquest Endorses Ralph Massey’s Education Study, Published by Nassau Institute

First Published: 2009-11-26

I have read with great interest the extensive essay, "The Learning Crisis – a Bahamian Policy Essay”, by Ralph Massey, and I believe it contains several significant points to ponder as our Nation searches for effective solutions to the less-than-ideal state of education in The Bahamas.

Mr. Massey has obviously spent considerable time in researching and compiling information, which he then catalogued and presented in language and a style which is easily comprehended.  He is to be highly commended for what was surely a time intensive effort.

I feel it is a document which suggests reasonable alternatives for public policy, deserves the consideration of all legislators in the country, and I trust copies will be placed in the hands of all Members of Parliament, Senators, educators and all other persons who would be involved in any effort toward reform in education.

In particular, I hope that the Minister of Education, the Director of Education, and the entire educational factory will seek to exact from the document those pockets of insight which can assist the Government in its present efforts to upgrade and improve education in the country.

There is no doubt that the educational system in The Bahamas  today stands at a crossroads of challenge, with the result that thousands of Bahamian children are academically performing far below expectation, or their natural ability to perform.

I believe the five public policy options proposed in Mr. Massey’s essay are indeed reasonable, and could assist our country in re-paving the long road to reform in education.

The Nassau Institute is to be commended for undertaking to publish the essay in booklet form, and I trust they will now spare no effort in ensuring that the booklet receives wide circulation, so that many citizens will have an opportunity to read and digest, and to offer input.



If you would like to download a pdf copy of "The Learning Crisis – a Bahamian Policy Essay” by Ralph Massey, just click this link…


Also, see below for Ralph Massey’s Presentation, hosted by The Nassau Institute on April 15, 2009. 

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