Thanks for your time with The World Economic Forum, Executive Opinion Survey

First Published: 2010-12-17

As many of our e-newsletter subscribers know, we circulated the 2010 Survey for The  World Economic Forum’s Centre for Global Competitiveness and Performance, Executive Opinion Survey.

While we had enough respondents for the first time from The Bahamas, the following letter (pdf) explains why the Bahamas was not included in the 2010 report.

The economists in Geneva have requested the Nassau Institute circulate the Survey for 2011. With your help and that of many other executives, the Bahamas will then be included in the 2011 Report.

We anticipate receiving the Questionnaires for circulation in January 2011 at which time we will solicit your assistance once again.

Click here… for the letter (pdf) from the WEF.

With Best Wishes for the Holiday Season
Joan thompson

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