Bahamas Striping Group of Companies Honoured

First Published: 2019-03-02

Atari Mitchell (L) Receiving the Award from DeCosta Bethel

At the 4th Annual Joan Thompson Memorial Freedom Lecture Bahamas Striping Group of Companies was honoured March 1, 2019 with the Nassau Institute Freedom Award “In Recognition Of Entrepreneurship, Outstanding Vision, Dedication & Commitment To Excellence.”

Following is the transcript from DeCosta Bethel’s presentation of the award at Choices Restaurant University of The Bahamas.

Strong leadership, outstanding service coupled with great people and innovative marketing are the hallmarks of Bahamas Striping Group of Companies.

With values, vision and a $5,000 grant from the government, Bahamas Striping was established in 2010 by Atario J Mitchell and Dominic Sturrup, two transformational leaders not afraid to challenge the norm.

From the onset they were David up against Goliath, forced to compete against a mega, foreign-based company for work. Still, they stood their ground, firm in their conviction that a local striping company could beat its foreign-based competitors on service, availability, quality of work and convenience.

Almost immediately, Mr. Mitchell became the poster child for millennial entrepreneurship, gracing the cover of newspapers’ business sections and appearing on the evening news in his trademarked orange vest pushing his striping machine along.

A business match made in heaven, Mr. Mitchell’s drive and determination perfectly complimented Mr. Sturrup’s clear, sharp vision of how to propel the business forward, delivering long-term success and growth for the future. The company’s impressive financials prove his business plan is working.

For a company whose first contract was valued at $1,400, Bahamas Striping’s story is as compelling as it is inspiring.

This fast growing, multi-layered, multi-million dollar enterprise called Bahamas Striping Group of Companies includes the business from which the group takes its name, Bahamas Striping, Airport Maintenance Services, specializing in all aspects of aerodrome maintenance at world­ class standards; Caribbean Pavement Solutions, a regional distributor for cold patch mix; Bahamas Themed Photography, a company specializing in high-end digital imaging services; along with two property development and management companies, Abaco Caribbean and Atillio Holdings.

The flagship operation, Bahamas Striping, has executed work not only in New Providence and Turks and Caicos but also on many of the major Family Islands. Its upgrade to roads and highway safety infrastructure benefitted thousands of motorists and pedestrians across the nation, likely, averting accidents and, quite possibly, saving lives.

BSGC’s principals are innovative thought leaders. They were among the first, and arguably the loudest, champion of public-private partnerships (PPPs), a long-term contract between a private entity and government.

Fiscal constraints limit how much a government can do on its own. Through its PPP, BSGC proposed a viable option for filling this financing gap. Their PPP is designed to improve The Bahamas’ ageing infrastructure. If brought to fruition, it will facilitate the construction of schools, roads, docks, bridges, government buildings, reconstruction and revitalization of airports’ runways, taxiways and aprons etc., throughout our archipelagic nation.

Many businesses pay lip service to creating a motivated workforce, but the reality is few truly deliver. BSGC’s dedicated, effective team sets it apart. Through its nine years of operations the company has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to employing those marginalized in society – men from inner city communities with few marketable skills and limited education, who often go overlooked when it comes to job opportunities.

Beyond providing gainful employment and a trade, BSGC imbues these hardworking team members with a sense of purpose and pride.

Known for its corporate social responsibility,,Bahamas Striping Group of Companies has never eschewed an opportunity to be charitable just because its small. Its level of community involvement rivals that of larger companies with greater financial resources.

Perhaps, there is no coincidence that the company known for giving abundantly is headquartered on Abundant Life Road. Indeed, Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Sturrup genuinely seek to make a difference year-round.

Whether it’s refurbishing over 40 basketball courts throughout The Bahamas, donating over 75,000 schoolbags and back-to-school supplies to underprivileged youths or creating the

$50,000 Charles Maynard Scholarship Fund to assist in educating young Bahamians, BSGC is known for its generosity.

Another cause truly meaningful to the company is helping other startups succeed by way of The Investment Group, a $1 million venture fund providing not only financial support but also sharing its collective knowledge and experience with the next generation of Bahamian entrepreneurs.

Meantime, through The Dollar That Could Foundation, BSGC donated over $300,000 to ten charities and non-profit organizations assisting children’s homes, pets and those with special needs, among other worthwhile causes.

For its strong commercial performance, significant growth, staff and customer loyalty and philanthropy, the Nassau Institute is proud to present Bahamas Striping Group of Companies with its Entrepreneur of The Year Award.

Following the award presentation the audience enjoyed a lecture from Professor Richard Ebeling on the topic: Why the Global Economy Needs More Freedom and Less Government.

The entire event will be presented on video in the not too distant future.

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  1. It was wonderful that this award was made to Bahamas Striping.
    A further step towards economic democracy would be a public offering of this company’s shares to Bahamian investors.

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