An evening with John Tomlinson at the BC Hilton

First Published: 2011-10-08

Join us for an interesting perspective from Mr. John Tomlinson on the topic, "Why Only BETTER in The Bahamas? Why Not BEST in The Bahamas?"

Summary of the event:

  • A reminder of how to remove all risk and moral hazard form our banking system and make it the safest in the world.
  • Show us how the changes necessary to the Bahamian banking system will also open the opportunity for Bahamian banks to provide equity investments to businesses  opening the way to reduce debts and build an increased asset base for future generations. And,
  • Third, the subject Mr. Tomlinson promised to return to in his last talk, the responsibilities we must each accept if we wish to ensure that an open and free market is developed and maintained here in The Bahamas.


Admission: $60 per person, including a three-course meal
Cash bar and Valet parking available
6:00pm Cocktail reception

You can register on-line at this secure link…

You can download a flyer (pdf) of the event here…


John Tomlinson, author of Honest Money ( spoke at a Nassau Institute Discussion Group meeting on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 and offered an interesting perspective on how to turn the Bahamian Dollar into one of the worlds strongest currencies. The subject of his presentation was how to protect the Bahamian currency from the next world banking collapse and to make it safe for future generations.

Mr. Tomlinson is a former stock broker with thomson and McKinnon and a merchant banker with Ord-BT in Sydney, Australia, used to run Union Dock here in Nassau and he and his family have been resident in The Bahamas since 1963.

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