Forced lunch hour pay. “Incentives” for employment run amok?

First Published: 2012-07-08

"For workers all over the country these are very challenging times, the biggest problem they’re having right now is trying to find work".

"Some are unemployed, over-employed, underemployed."

The points above credited Mr. Shane Gibson, Minister of Labour, cannot be denied. However, the opposite is also true: Employers are having an equally difficult time.

So the solution proposed by the government is to pay people for their lunch hour. In effect, reducing the work week from 40 to 35 hours.1

The Nassau Institute released a newspaper supplement back in 2002 and the section on "The Free Lunch" remains relevant and is a must read for employers and employees alike.2

Many employers, large and small, are barely making ends meet, yet keep employees working without reductions in pay or benefits where possible, and this is the "reward" proposed by the government.

Employers will no doubt be forced to adjust which may cause even more dislocation to employees. Could be seeing the unintended consequences of ill conceived policies once again?

1 Download the Employment Act with Proposed Amendments (072012) (pdf) here… ( )

2 Download a copy of the Nassau Institute supplement, "The Jamaican Road to Prosperity" (pdf) here… ( )

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