An evening with Dr. Bruce Yandle

First Published: 2012-09-12

Join The Nassau Institute for an evening lecture on Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 6:00pm at the Humidor Restaurant, West Hill Street in Downtown Nassau.

Professor Bruce Yandle will discuss "Creating Wealth in Adam Smith’s World".

For your $75 donation you will enjoy a "Brazillian-style gastronomic tour." "Gaucho waiters will serve you a never-ending variety of succulent meats, slow roasted on Humidor Churrascaria’s giant rotisserie hearth spit." There will be a cash bar for your convenience.

Dinner will be followed by Dr. Yandle’s presentation.

Click here… to register online. You can also call 242-302-0130 ext 2226 to reserve your seat.

Presentation theme: What is Adam Smith’s world? And when did it begin? What were the preconditions for creating wealth? Have they been lost? This presentation takes us back 250 years in the human experience to discover the first evidence of Adam Smith’s world. We fast forward to identify the role played by moral and economic constraints in creating and keeping wealth and difficulties encountered in dealing with growth and change. The U.S. modern experience becomes the focus. While the developing world flourishes, the U.S. decline is documented. We close with an optimistic forecast from Adam Smith himself, and we apply the forecast to U.S. data with lessons The Bahamas might use.

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More about Professor Yandle:

Dr. Bruce Yandle is Dean Emeritus of Clemson University’s College of Business & Behavioral Science where he was a faculty member for 33 years.  A past member and chairman of South Carolina’s State Board of Economic Advisors, he is a Senior Fellow with Clemson’s Strom Thurmond Institute and Adjunct Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center in Arlington, VA.  Recipient of South Carolina’s Order of the Palmetto, Dr. Yandle is author/editor of 16 books and has taught economics in graduate programs in France, Germany, Italy, and Czech Republic.

He was a senior economist on White House staff during the Ford and Carter Administrations and Executive Director of the Federal Trade Commission in the Reagan Administration.  A frequent contributor to The Freeman and Regulation magazine, Dr. Yandle served as president of the Association of Private Enterprise Education, trustee of the Foundation for Economic Education, and as a trustee and board chairman with Spartanburg Methodist College. He writes a quarterly newsletter on the economy distributed by Clemson’s Thurmond Institute.  Prior to entering a career in university teaching, Dr. Yandle was in the industrial machinery business for 15 years.

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