Video: Pat Rahming on A Downtown in Transition: Rebuilding the Family Business

First Published: 2014-03-01

On Thursday, February 20, 2014, Patrick Rahming spoke at an event at the Nassau Yacht Club, hosted by The Nassau Institute.

The title of his discussion is A Downtown in Transition: Rebuilding the Family Business.

Here’s a summary:

What is a Downtown? After twenty years, why is Downtown Revitalization so difficult to see? Are we headed in the “right” direction? Pat Rahming explores the meaning of a Downtown, and offers suggestions for the direction of the present Downtown as it moves from being a Downtown to a Tourist Destination.

About Pat Rahming

Simply put, "Pat" is an architect, poet, singer, songwriter with ideas for improvement. And he does them all very well.

Patrick Rahming & Associates is a Design firm led by an artist. For over forty years, Patrick “Pat” Rahming has developed his unique approach to the built environment, an approach that results in what he calls Enhanced Living Environments.

Architectural space is experienced as a whole, and must therefore be created by an integrated process. Enhanced Living Environments, or ELE’s, benefit from an integrated, creative approach to climate, culture and history, while celebrating developments in technology. Patrick Rahming & Associates seeks to discover and expose those unique opportunities inherent in each project.

With a background in theatre and entertainment, and years of exposure to the inner workings of themed environments, Patrick Rahming and his team are accustomed to creating dynamic design teams, and to the design of residential, commercial, retail, resort and entertainment environments, constantly in search of the ideal Architectural solutions.

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Enjoy the video below. We apologise for some slight technical issues, but the content is excellent.

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