Revolution and History: War and Peace

First Published: 2000-01-29

The "revolutionary and historic" Labour Legislation proposed by Mr. Dion Foulkes Minister of Labour and Maritime Affairs is said by him to be essential if there is to be "industrial peace in the country".

The legislation calls for the peaceful businessman to give over control of his business (his property) to the Minister and or his appointees – individuals who will use the new laws to force changes on already peaceful people. This is not a peace-loving minister with a peaceful proposal it is coercion and force. It is a declaration of war against business.

Peace is said to be endangered because the union leaders threaten to wage war on businessmen and on government if changes they are demanding are not forced on business. Vandalism and obstruction of operations are the weapons used by this minority of war mongering agitators who the labour minister appears eager to lead into battle.

Legislation that ties the hands and puts fear in the hearts of peaceful citizens cannot purchase the peace the Minister believes is threatened.

Instead of depriving the businessman of his right to the use of his property Mr. Foulkes ought to be considering ways to protect the property of the peaceful from those who threaten to steal it. In fact this is the only foundation for economic survival of the Bahamas.

Yes Minister, we have met the enemy and the enemy is NOT us.

A Businessman, lover of Peace.

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