The Review – 8th Anniversary Edition

First Published: 2003-10-02

The Nassau Institute is an independent, non-political, non-profit institute that promotes economic growth, employment and entrepreneurial activity. It believes that this can best be achieved with a free market economy and a society that embraces the rule of law, the right of private property and the values of family, learning honesty and hard work.

This issue marks the Institute’s eighth year of publication; and it comes after the release of The Report on Trade Liberalization by the Tourism Taskforce, the most important economic policy study available to the Bahamian public today.

The release of that Report is the subject of the first article; and the Taskforce Report in its entirety and the recent work of the Institute can be read here.

Tourism Operating Profits 'Shocker'
By Neil Hartnell, Business Editor, The Tribune
Pilferage leaves Nassau hotel with food and beverage costs 183% higher, as Taskforce report warns of high cost uncompetitiveness; calls for five-year development plan.

Increased IMF Criticism
by Ralph Massey
The 2003 IMF Report is asking the Bahamas to try harder to put its fiscal house in order.

Jesus Christ and Adam Smith to the Rescue
by Ralph Massey
For living a moral life Jesus promised spiritual rewards to individuals and Adam Smith promised material rewards to society.

Unreasonable Search
By Larry Smith, The Nassau Guardian
Although you might not know it, a pitched battle is underway between the government and the Bar Association, which says it is trying to protect fundamental human rights enshrined in the constitution.

Government, Unions and Management
By Eileen Carron, The Tribune
A call for honest working hours, competency and responsible union behaviour in Government employment.

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