Ode on downtown parking

First Published: 2003-03-08

Kindly allow me space to express my view of Downtown parking, which I have penned as an ‘Ode on Downtown Parking’.

I have shared this view with many Taxi drivers I know, and over a year ago with the Controller of Road Traffic. I do hope that venting my feelings on this matter is not the only relief to be had of this frustration.

The sun is shining and I feel fine

I’m driving with nary a frown.

A little shopping I’ve planned today

And where better than downtown?

The bookstore is just calling me

I’ll spend a short while there.

Then something nice to surprise the wife

For love is in the air.

I’ll run into a friend or two

And browse the other shops

The idea seems fantastic, its

No wonder I feel tops!

Alas, I find no place to park

As I cruise at a snail’s pace

Empty slots now five and counting,

But all marked ‘Taxi’ place.

I wonder should I take a chance?

Shan’t be away that long

And to keep passing empty Taxi spaces

Seems to me to be just wrong

“Chief you best don’t park dere.”

“This taxi space man, look.”

“Policeman come and see you now,

I know that you’ll get book.”

The taxi man ain joking

It happens all the time

They call police for hapless drivers

And make them pay a fine.

So I have to keep on driving

And leave Bay Street behind.

No shopping for me today I guess

Oh well then, never mind.

Meanwhile on downtown Bay Street

You’re hearing “Taxi Mam?”

Called out thrice on every block.

We need a better plan.

Yours truly,

Harold Munnings Jr. MD

Nassau, Bahamas.

Sunday, February 02, 2003.

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