Will Someone Deliver the Mail Please?

First Published: 2004-02-06

23rd January 2004.

Dear Editor,

We have our Post Office box checked daily for mail. Recently, over the past few months, there has been no mail or very little. Today, we received a notice from the Post Office that was dated 6th January 2004. Today is 23rd January 2004. This was a notice from the Post Office presumably mailed at or from the Post Office to my box number which box is in the Post Office € that there was important mail for me. Off go we to the Post Office and receive a large blue Royal Mail sack with Great Britain stamped on it also with a picture of the Royal Crown.

Inside this large, blue sack are over 50 newspapers from The Hartford Courant to which I subscribe. The first copy I picked up of the Courant is dated Thursday 10th April 2003. At random, the second copy is Friday 10th October 2003.

This is the third time that I have received a large blue Royal Mail sack filled with newspapers, which, presumably, are mailed on a daily basis from Hartford, Connecticut.

One would have thought that our Bahamian Post Office could do better.

What annoys the hell out of me is the attitude of some personnel at the Post Office who have told my messenger "Ya can't expect mail everyday" (Mary Stubbs – with the smile on her face) when she suggest to them that the mail is not being properly distributed.

This last, large, blue, Royal Mail sack in addition to the newspaper also had first class and airmail letters in it. One was postmarked Marina Del Rey, California on 9th December 2003. One in Nassau, on 11th December 2003.

All of these are business letters whose senders, I suppose, wonder why I am so rude not to answer their queries.

Amongst the letters just received today (23rd January 2003) is my telephone bill postmarked 10th December 2003. The due date is 29th December 2003.

I guess I still have enough hell in me to query, "What the hell is going on?" Doesn't anybody at the Post Office care!

Bill Holowesko.

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