Questioning The Blue Ribbon Commission Agenda

First Published: 2006-02-03

On page 92 of the Blue Ribbon Commission Report there is a section titled "those not in favour of National Health Insurance." There is only one listing for "not in favour"; The Nassau Institute.

One might deduce from this that because only one organization does not approve socialized medicine, that all the rest, doctors, insurance companies, business and others, are in favour of it.

How wonderfully reassuring is the message for the politicians that only one organization opposes their agenda! The inference of wide acceptance is disingenuous at best, and deliberately deceptive at worst. Certainly it is a fact that others disapprove of the idea.

The paragraph includes references to articles and talks by the Nassau Institute, all of which question whether a government-run universal plan is the right approach to solving health care issues. Added at the end is the statement "they (the NI) have not offered any feasible alternatives for the financing that would solve the difficulties facing the country".

There are 21 articles on the Nassau Institute Website with recommendations and two slide presentations by internationally recognized economists for their work on the subject; Drs. John Goodman and Michael Walker – both Directors of free-market think tanks.

Bahamians are being encouraged to approve a policy based on a report commissioned by a government keen to be re-elected. Politics is driving the agenda, and promising relief from burdensome costs for medical services has voter appeal.

There are others opposed to Nationalized health care. Most are reluctant to speak out. Their silence may result in the country missing the one opportunity to develop a high quality program. Once the choice is made, there is no going back.


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