Health Insurance in the Bahamas – An analysis and alternative policy options

First Published: 2006-08-02

We are pleased to announce the report “Health Insurance in the Bahamas”, a comprehensive study by Nadeem Esmail, the Director of Health System Performance Studies at The Fraser Institute.

The accompanying Health Insurance Report is the only fully researched study from an independent source currently available to the Bahamian public.

It describes how existing services are delivered, analyzes government’s Blue Ribbon Commission Plan and recommends alternatives.

Two questions underlie any proposed changes to the current system:

– How can high-quality healthcare be made affordable to all without sacrificing patient choice?

– How can high quality healthcare be made available to all regardless of ability to pay?

Printed copies of Health Insurance for the Bahamas can be purchased from The Nassau Institute for $20.00 while supplies last.

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Click here to download the complete Report with references tables and graphs.

Click here to download the Briefing Paper (a shortened version of the report for discussion purposes without the references).

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