Education Reform and Government Secrecy

First Published: 2006-11-08

The article by John Marquis in the Tribune "It's time to reject culture of secrecy" certainly struck a familiar chord for those laboring in the vineyard of education reform.

The subject warrants public attention; and there are various ways of thinking about education. For Tom Garvin, an Irish political scientist, education is a means by which society invests in the next generation. He looked at it in connection with the emergence of Ireland as the economic Celtic Tiger of the European Union in the late 1990s. He asked the questions "Why was Ireland so poor for so long?" and "Why and how did it move from a very poor, static, claustrophobic society to a dynamic prosperous free market society…seemingly all within a ten-year period?" For him the Irish investment in human capital after 1965 was the point of departure.

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