A Short Course in Brain Surgery with a National Health Insurance Scheme

First Published: 2007-01-05

A friend of the Institute sent this link to us regarding Canada's health care system.

The You-Tube video titled A Short Course in Brain Surgery explains the horror of a middle age man who had a seizure and needed an MRI to determine if he had a brain tumour.

On February 2 he was given a date of more than three months later (May 27) to have an MRI to determine if he had a tumour. If there was a tumour present, he would have to wait more time for a biopsy and even longer if surgery was necessary.

However, he and his wife decided to go to the US for the MRI, that he had the very next day.

Don't miss this video. It is sure to help you write a letter or make a phone call to the Minister of Health to request he reconsider the government's intention to pursue socialized medicine for The Bahamas through a National Health Insurance scheme.

Click here for the video at YouTube.com.

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