Join us for an evening with Larry Reed, Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First Published: 2007-04-27

The Nassau Institute invites you to attend the Larry Reed Invitational Dinner on May 29th at the British Colonial Hotel. Lawrence W. Reed is the president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

The Center is located in Michigan, the historic center for the mass production of automobiles. Since the early 1970s it has been challenged by the emergence of high quality, low cost rivals in the global market. Simply put, the impact has been massive and has raised a broad range of tough public policy issues on taxation, education, public welfare, labor relations, etc.

The Center is devoted to providing answers to these troubling problems and to improve the quality of life for all Michigan citizens. It has become a very large nonpartisan research and educational institute.

Larry Reed, age 53, started his career teaching economics before moving to Idaho to manage a public policy institute there. He became the President of the Mackinac Center in 1987.

Like the state of Michigan, the Bahamas has its own array of challenges and problems. You are well acquainted with them. The Nassau Institute believes the country can profit from the experiences others. We know that Larry Reed is an effective and inspiring public speaker. This is why we have invited him to the Bahamas and we hope that you will set aside time to join us at the Nassau Institute Invitational.

By the way, there is no charge for the dinner. Cocktails at a cash bar start at 7:00pm and dinner starts at 8:00pm.

Please call 326-5728 to reserve your seat(s) as we are limited to 100 people.

This event is sponsored by The Nassau Institute, NMC Leasing and the Brass & Leather Shops.

If you would like to consider sponsorship please let us know.

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