Nassau Institute: The Year in Review – 2008

First Published: 2008-12-20

2008 was a departure for The Nassau Institute. We decided to pursue more public meetings through our Group Discussion Series in The Milton Friedman Room at our offices on East Bay Street, and our Public Lecture Series dinner events.

Our casual Discussion Group Series, featured Dick Coulson on Peak Oil in January, one of our Directors, Jorge Borlandelli on Taxation for Growth in April and the showing of the Acton Institute film, The Call of the Entrepreneur in July.

The more formal Public Lecture Series featured Mr. Lawrence Reed, now President of the Foundation of Economic Education in New York on Privatisation in February and Dr. Don Boudreaux, Chairman of the Department of Economics at George Mason University on Globalisation in March. In June, Brian Moree and Ray Winder headlined a forum on the EPA and Dr. Dan Mitchell of The Cato Institute spoke in November on Tax Havens are a Blessing. We should also mention that Mr. Reed, Dr. Boudreaux and Dr. Mitchell all volunteered their time for radio interviews and Mr. Reed and Dr. Mitchell were hosted by the College of The Bahamas economics class.

All in all it was great year for our organisation.

Of course, without the support of regular contributors and sponsors of our events like; Security & General, CBS Bahamas, Custom Computers, Atlantis, The Luggage Store, Brass & Leather, The d’Albenas Agency Ltd, Executive Printers, NMC Leasing, RBC-Finco, Taylor Industries, Bahamas Realty, British Colonial Hilton and Tropical Shipping, not to mention the many people that came out to support the events, we could not have been successful.

2009 will be no less ambitious for us. Mr. Reed and Dr. Boudreaux have expressed their interest in returning and we have had positive responses from Dr. Robert Lawson, Professor of Economics at Capital University, Dr. Robert Murphy, economist at the Institute for Energy & Research, Dr. Richard Ebeling, Senior Researcher at the American Institute for Economic Research and Mr. Michael LaFaive, director of the Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative at the Makinac Center.

While our speakers receive a small honorarium, the air fare, accommodation and other expenses are a burden on our minimal resources and we seek your assistance with sponsorship of our Public Lecture Series and the ongoing expenses with our office and conference room.

For a donation of $200 to $499 you will receive a book on liberty. For $500 to $999, you will receive a book on liberty, and an invitation to one of Public Lecture Series meetings in 2009. And for a donation of $1,000 or more you will receive a book on liberty, an invitation to one of our Public Lecture Series meetings in 2009 and a special dinner with one of our international speakers.

We hope you are able to assist us to spread the message of liberty to influence public policy in The Bahamas.

Donate online at this secure link
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We hope to hear from you in the coming weeks.

All the best to you and yours for the holiday season and 2009.

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