“The True Causes of The Current Economic Crisis” by Mr. Jorge Borlandelli: Discussion Group Series – 6:30pm, Thursday, September 3, 2009.

First Published: 2009-08-07

“The True Causes of
The Current Economic Crisis”


Have you ever wondered how we got into this current financial crisis? How we are going to get out of it?


Do you wonder how to avoid or mitigate the negative effects of the crisis for you and your family?


If so, you may benefit from attending our monthly meeting & discussion group on the topic “The True Causes of The Current Financial Crisis”


The meeting will be held at our offices at The Bay Street Business Centre, Bay & Deveaux Streets, commencing at 6:30pm on Thursday, September 3, 2009.


The presentation and discussion group will be lead by Banker & former University Professor, Mr. Jorge Borlandelli.


Here is what you will learn:


  • How this current crisis compares with past economic recessions and depressions.
  • The common patterns of economic crashes and how recognizing these patterns helps you predict future events. 
  • How the convential wisdom regarding the causes of the current economic crisis is wrong.
  • Ways to protect you and your family from the outcomes of this economic crisis. 


Please note that attendance is free, but space is limited to 20 people and you need to confirm your attendance by calling 328-6529 or registering online below.

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Mr. Borlandelli’s Biography:


Mr. Jorge Borlandelli has a degree in business administration with majors in economics and finance from Universidad Católica del Uruguay. He also obtained a Master in International Management degree from the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, USA. 


He taught international finance at the MBA level at Universidad Católica del Uruguay and has taught economics at the Uruguayan Air Force Academy. He has been a speaker in several conferences and seminars on economic and financial subjects. 


He has worked in the financial industry for the past 30 years and is a Board Member and the Secretary of the Nassau Institute. 

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