2010 World Economic Summit, Atlantis Resort, January 31 – February 2, Nassau, Bahamas

First Published: 2009-11-28

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  • Next year investors can expect to pay higher taxes on their investments and their incomes. Social Security taxes are likely to be imposed on incomes above $100,000 a year.

  • Plan on a new form of socialized medicine, and a host of new regulations on business and Wall Street ranging from increased capital gains to "means testing" out of your Social Security benefits.

  • Plus if history is any guide, the recent bailout of the monetary system will help stabilize the markets in the short run, but we risk serious trouble with the dollar and inflation down the road. It’s scary.


Dear Friends,

I’m also delighted to announce that Bert Dohmen, editor of the highly-acclaimed Wellington Letter, will also be joining us. He was one of the very few advisors who warned FreedomFest attendees specifically that the US would have a meltdown in September, 2009.  What is he saying now?


Other speakers and topics will include…… 


Peter Schiff (Euro Pacific Capital) "Profitable Investing and Asset Protection in an Uncertain World"  Peter Schiff is only one of handful of experts who warned us of the real estate and financial crisis.   


Frank Suess (BFI Consulting) is a highly-respected Swiss money manager.  Hundreds of Americans are swamping his offices for help in going offshore — now you have your chance to meet him in person.  His topic:  "International Diversification – How to Best Protect and Grow Your Assets Overseas"  


Vern Jacobs will present sessions from his "Offshore Tax Boot Camp"


In addition to serving as your emcee and moderator, I will be giving a speech I only give offshore: "How to be Your Own International Private Investor: Three Simple, Low Cost Offshore Strategies that Will Protect Your Wealth in an Age of Envy." You won’t want to miss this talk.  


Other top speakers at the World Economic Summit: 

  • Lou Petrossi (Wealth Research Institute) "Top Three Ways to Multiply Your Wealth"
  • Peter Zipper (Caye International Bank) "The Best Kept Secret in Offshore Banking"
  • Mark Plummer (Chestnut Petroleum) "Oil & Gas Investments: Revenue and Tax Benefits" 
  • Scott Harris (Allied Energy) "The Energy Crisis: What’s Ahead in 2009"
  • Michael Cobb (Gran Pacifica Resort) "Where to Look for International Real Estate"


and many others.

Sign up now by calling Tami Holland toll-free today at 866.266.5101 or by
Be sure to check out more details at

The conference registration fee is only $495 per person or $795 per couple and
we’ve arranged room rates at the Atlantis starting at only $199 per night.




Believe me in today’s uncertain world this event should not be missed.  Call today!

In liberty and prosperity, AEIOU,

Mark Skousen


P.S. I continue to be concerned about the direction this country is headed, and what it means for your investments. Therefore again this year I’ve put together a very important World Economic Summit scheduled for January 31 – February 2, 2010, at the five-star Atlantis Hotel in Paradise Island, the Bahamas. 


I’ve brought together top experts who know how to maximize your profits and minimize your taxes.  They will give you their analysis, where we are headed, and how you can protect yourself in these uncertain and troubling times. 


Believe me, this is where you will get the full scoop on the on-going financial crisis. Charles Gasparino, CNBC’s #1 reporter was such a hit at FreedomFest that we asked him to join us once again.  He is famous for breaking many major stories during the financial crisis, including the Bernie Madoff story and will bring us the inside scoop on what’s happening right now within the walls of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citibank, and other insiders on Wall Street. 





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