Copenhagen here we come!

First Published: 2009-12-18



Revelations in leaked e-mail exchanges call into question the integrity of climate scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CDU).  More revelations are likely to unfold as “Climategate” casts doubt on IPCC.  It is the current hot topic stirring up the hallowed halls of science gathering momentum and tumbling The House of Gore. 

So called “settled science” on Global Warming is now a matter of unsettled scientists. The cat is out of the bag, and what has been described as the “greatest scam in history’ by John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel is being turned on its head.

In spite of the recent revelations Prime Minister Ingraham is quoted by the Tribune on December 1st “There is no longer any credible debate about the reality of global warming”.  Really??
Our concern is not the temperature or the science. It is the public finances.  Travel expenses for Prime Ministers come high.  They cannot stay in Bed & Breakfasts, nor can they join the plebs down at the wharf to sample the local fish.

In view of the revelations it would be reassuring if the Prime Minister cancelled his expensive trip and focused on getting the country’s finances under control. There is not a whit he can do about the Fahrenheit and the trip to Copenhagen is now likely to be a waste of his time and the tax payer’s money.

December 3rd 2009

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